beniceorgohomechris zanardi & The High Beamz "Be NIce Or Go Home"

Chris Zanardi & The High Beamz "Be Nice,Or Go Home" recorded in November 2013 in Sacramento. All instrumental orginal music composed with the live show in mind. James Whiton on the standup electric bass, Erin Cassidy on the drums, Cecil P'Nut Daniels on the Midi Horns, Sam Phelps on the Organ and Keys and Chris Zanardi on the Electric Guitar. The album has been released on Cd Baby for Cds in the mail or Itunes for Downloads.



chris zanardi - TRANSMISSIONS

“Transmissions” was recorded from 2009-2011 in various studios with an assortment of top notch musicians contributing to each track. Co-produced by Z and Agent 19, Transmissions features a wide array of instrumental compositions with many different textures and instruments that take the listener on a soaring ride from start to finish. The mastering of Transmissions was done by legendary engineer Cookie Marceno at OTR studios.


  • five eyed hand - five eyed hand

    Five Eyed Hand's first studio album, a follow up to the live release Churned Alive (2009). This album was recorded on analog 2 " tape at OTR Studios. Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by the legendary Cookie Marceno. CZ On electric guitar


  • five eyed hand - churned alive

    An exciting eclectic mixture of swinging jazz-funk, psychedelic 'surfgrass', enriching lyrics and amazing whistling. Release Date: 2009.CZ on Electric Guitar


  • Somethingfour - According To The Laws Of Chance

    Chris Zanardi, guitar; Barry Thompson, saxophones and wind synthesizer; Jeb Taylor, bass; Jme Brill, drums; Mikey Henderson, fiddle, electric violin, mandolin. The album was recorded at OTR studios in Belmont,CA. Engineered,mixed & mastered by Cookie Marceno (WindhamHill, Charlie Haden,Zakir Hussain). Recorded entirely on 2inch Analog Tape.


  • the africa project

    Bringing together musicians who are worlds apart - an international music collaboration aiding African education. Film maker Joe Baker, founder of the Bay Recorders Organization, has brought together 35 musicians, 3 bands, and 2 choirs from Ghana, South Africa, and USA with the common goal of aiding African education through the power of music with "The Africa Project". In June 2010, Baker took basic versions of three American classic songs and field recorded African musicians offering musical contributions to each of the 3 songs. While on location, Baker then recorded the African musicians performing original native songs. During the fall of 2010, American musicians were added to the three original songs as well as to the 9 new songs brought back from Africa, thus creating 12 extraordinary compositions from three different countries.