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Chris Zanardi Releases Transmissions on ZPortalMusic 2011. Produced By: C.Zanardi & Agent 19, Mixed by Agent 19 at Green Robe Recording, Mastered by Cookie Marceno at OTR Studios, Engineered by C.Zanardi. Features Musicians: Eric Levy On Keys (Garaj Mahal, Night Ranger), Cecil "Pnut"Daniels on Midi Horn, Adam Huntress, Jamey Brill (Somethingfour), Derek Bodkin (Five Eyed Hand), Jeb Taylor (Five Eyed Hand), Mikey the "Fiddler Henderson" (Five Eyed Hand) Sam Flot, Andrew Ferren (Alpha Ray), Jae Hendrickson, Robbie Planting, Agent 19, Mark "Murph" Murphy (Izabella), Mo Sardella (Sol Rising)
C.Zanardi Composed the music and with the help of each artist the Transmissions were cast out into the universe for all to receive.
This Is C.Zanardi's 4th Release on CD-Baby, Somethingfour 2006, Five Eyed Hand: Churned Alive 2008, FIve Eyed Hand 2009, Transmissions 2011
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